Over the years, we have discovered that we can ensure the greatest lasting effect in these regions when we invest in leadership. MRI is investing in bright, motivated and skilled young international students who will be the future core of MRI International Teams. This gift of professional education would have been an utter impossibility for these students without the scholarship financial support offered by MRI. During their educational phase, our team will provide in-country support to MRI missions in their country and after graduation will also provide professional expertise in future MRI centers for health care.

International team members active in humanitarian services in their communities have been selected to provide in country leadership to work directly on a daily basis with the orphans and widows' programs.

What is the goal of the International Team?

The goal of the MRI International Team is to develop ripple effects of Hope. When we invest in people through education and career possibilities, we develop local leadership. Equipped with skills and leadership, we leave these individuals with tremendous HOPE; helping their families, their communities and eventually their nations.

How is the International team chosen?

There is no application process. International Team members did not actively seek their positions. These are people who learned of MRI in their towns and villages, and generously donated both time and talent volunteering with us. While we have many fantastic volunteers, these individuals stand out as particularly bright, motivate and skilled. Working and living side by side for several weeks under sometimes-stressful situations has proven to be an effective interview process.

Who are the students?

Dr. Ashley Lucas


Dr. Ashley Lucas completed 5 years of education, sponsored by Medical Relief International,

and holds a DDS degree in Tanzania.  She is the Medical Director of 

MRI's Barikiwa Medical Center in Maswa, completed in 2017.


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